Life On The Farm

When you start from near zero, it’s all up hill.  And that’s about how we started at Daystar.   Daystar farm was 310 acres of woodland and planted pines when we bought it in 1992.  We have cleared much of it and planted Tifton and Bermuda pastures and hay fields.  We’ve built barns, pens, cattle handling facilities, feed troughs, water lines and put in miles of fencing.  We’ve built ponds, roads and spent a fair amount on the various tractors, loaders, discs, mowers, seeders, balers necessary to make it all happen.  It was quite an undertaking. But, the satisfaction we felt in our souls in bringing to fruition a real working Registered Angus Cattle operation, the feeling we get from being able to see new calves born every year, from smelling the fresh cut hay as it’s put up in the barn, and to see the land we have worked be transformed from a rough, somewhat wild, patch to a green, flourishing agriculture operation, makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something with a high purpose.

As cattlemen, we are proud to be active in conserving the environment with best management practices and to be contributing to the advancement of the registered Angus breed of cattle. We are proud to participate in the great American livelihood of agriculture by offering the very best Registered Angus Bulls and Angus Heifers for sale.